Facing Life’s Hurdles

Do Good Be Good Never Quit Inc aims to motivate people who are losing hope and are having a difficult time fighting their own battles. We understand how some circumstances can make it seemingly impossible for individuals to help themselves, so we go the extra mile to lift their spirits and provide the assistance they need to get back on track. Our team usually offers our services to families, adolescents and veterans in the Charleston metropolitan area. 

Our nonprofit organization was born out of mutual love and support between a mother and her son. It was established to keep the legacy of Johnny alive through charity work and various acts of kindness. If you want to support our cause and be a channel of blessings to others, contact us and join us in something we take pride in—doing the next right thing.

Why Donate

100% of the donations we receive will be used to enrich people’s lives.

Our Mission

The goal of our organization is to help those who cannot help themselves.